A Trinbago Family Lime Live Album [Audio Download]

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This is the live audio of "A Trinbago Family Lime" takes you on a musical journey to experience Christmas the "Trinbago" way.  Experience the Christmas season in a different way! Features Kyle Noel~Steelpan, Daniel Ryan~Saxophone, Charles Ryan~Keyboard, Kyle Peters~Guitars & Cuatro, Jousha Richardson~Bass and Legendary Guitarist Larry Lee Luck!!   

A Trinbago Family Lime Track List:

🎅🏽 Alegria-Gloria
🎅🏽 Anita Medley
🎅🏽 Backyard Jam
🎅🏽 Black Cake-Let's Make Friends
🎅🏽 Christmas Magic
🎅🏽 Do You Hear What I Hear
🎅🏽 God Rest Ye Merry Christmas
🎅🏽 Holy Night
🎅🏽 Larry's Rendition
🎅🏽 Soca Santa

Composed and Arranged by Kyle Noel 
Produced by Kyle Noel for Black Carpet Movement