Funky High Volume One : Afro Funky

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The latest release from Kyle Noel. Funky High Volume One: Afro Funky is the first installment of Seven in the FUNKY HIGH Collection.  Volume one Afro Funky takes you on a journey of funky afro beats with mellow house grooves and amapiano style.  This album is definitely gonna keep you dancing!     

Funky High Volume One: Afro Funky Track List:

🎶 Chinua Kouchie
🎶 Funky House
🎶 Funky Lady
🎶 Kush
🎶 Larvway Alley
🎶 Moving On
🎶 Oya
🎶 Warm, Wet & Groovy
🎶 What's Next?

Composed and Arranged by Kyle Noel 
Produced by Kyle Noel for Black Carpet Movement