BALANCE Chakra Bracelet

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The Exclusive B.AL.A.N.C.E Chakra Bracelet is here.  Handcrafted and designed by Petra's Divine, this bracelet is divinely crafted from the perspective of love.

The stone in the middle of the bracelet are heart chakra crystal beads.
Russian Amanzonite is a stone of peace, truth and harmony. Good for emotional stability. 


Rose Quartz represents universal and unconditional love.

Deep Purple Chariote removes blockages from the upper chakra especially the Crown and Heart chakras. It brings spiritual healing to the physical and emotional bodies clearing the gateway to the expanded universe beyond our bodies.

Lapis Lazuli opens the way to open communication as it represent the Throat chakra.

Moonstone clear blockages and connect us with our inner wisdom.

Citrine is a stones of riches and also represent the Solar Plexus. The Solar Plexus is our protections center.

Carnelian is a powerful sacral stone, which increases personal power, gives courage, and boosts compassion and creativity.

Red Jasper stimulates the Root chakra, which draws positive and nurturing energy.

Obsidian shields against negative energy. Absorbs and block psychic attracts.

Garnet a beautiful healing stone raises low energy and support. Garnet glows at the core to give that kundalini power rise once more.

Aquamarine is a representation of courage and protection.



Created & Fulfilled by Petra's Divine